Why choose Premier Bookkeeping?

Experience – all of the services that we provide are carried out by qualified and experienced personnel.

Fees – we charge competitive fees so clients have more money to spend on their own businesses. We also offer an initial free consultation to all prospective clients to assess their accounting requirements, before undertaking any work on their behalf. Details of our current fee structure is available by request.

Flexibility – we aim to tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each client. We are also available for appointments in evenings or at weekends and are contactable at all times, including holiday periods.

Efficiency – we aim to offer a very efficient service, completing work well in advance of statutory deadlines and answering client queries promptly. We also aim to offer advice that is proactive rather than reactive.

Connections – we have established connections and relationships with key individuals within the financial sector, including independent financial advisors, mortgage consultants and VAT/Tax experts within large national accountancy practices. This ensures that specialist advice can be accessed when necessary.

Training – all of our staff attend training courses and seminars each year, to ensure that their knowledge about changes in accounting legislation, tax rates, online filing requirements etc is always current.

Information technology – we communicate extensively via email, ensuring that clients can be serviced locally, nationally or internationally. We also communicate with clients via SMS and business & social networking sites. All work is completed using the latest accounting, taxation & payroll software.

Visits – we visit clients at their business premises or homes, as this is usually more convenient for them.

Enthusiasm – we take an enthusiastic approach to clients and try to gain a good understanding of their businesses, in order to be able to offer the most appropriate services and advice.

Why not choose Premier Bookkeeping for an EFFECTIVE accounting service?